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Canned fish “Dobroflot” alburnus tarichi with added oil 245g, a/c

590 AMD

Canned fish “Dobroflot” Pacific sardine (Ivasi) in oil 210g, a/c

900 AMD

Canned fish “Galilia” sturgeon in tomato sauce 250g, a/c

2,130 AMD

Canned fish “Galilia” whitefish in its juice 250g, c/c

1,070 AMD

Canned ukha “Galilia” trout 550g, a/c

1,060 AMD

Engraulis “Bars” Extra 250g

660 AMD

Engraulis “Bars” in tomato sauce 250g

600 AMD

Herring “Bars” in oil/with tomato 250g

860 AMD

Herring “Tral Flot” in tomato sauce 240g

480 AMD

Mackerel “Bars” in tomato sauce 250g

990 AMD

Mackerel “Bars” in tomato with vegetables/in oil 250g

990 AMD

Sardinella/sardines “Bars” in oil 250g

860 AMD