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Biscuits “Khlebniy Spas” assorted cereal 250g

860 AMD

Biscuits “Khlebniy Spas” blueberries 200g

860 AMD

Biscuits with boiled milk flavor “Khlebniy Spas” 160g

440 AMD

Caramel “Sula” Fruit sugar free 60g

600 AMD

Chicory “Zdorovye” 100g

1,430 AMD

Cookies “Gullon” Chip Choco Diet 150g

820 AMD

Cookies “Gullon” Fibra without sugar 170g

670 AMD

Cookies “Gullon” Sandwich 250g

1,160 AMD

Cookies with flax and stevia “Magic Grain” 150g

760 AMD

Rice long, white “Zdorovaya Pishcha” 550g

990 AMD

Sweetener “Gina” 72g

940 AMD

Wafer “Kharkov” with fructose 130g

430 AMD