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Assorted chocolates “Hamlet” pattern. 250g

5,370 AMD

Boxed candy “Roshen” Chocolateria 194g

2,150 AMD

Candies “Grand Candy” chocolate-covered dried cherry with hazelnut 300g

3,320 AMD

Candies “Grand Candy” dried peach with almond 320g

2,770 AMD

Candies “Grand Candy” dried plum with almond 280g

2,390 AMD

Candies “Venice Grande” 190g

4,260 AMD

Candies “Venice Grande” 290g

7,020 AMD

Candy “Sorbon” 200g

1,020 AMD

Candy assortment “Chocolateria” 256g

3,020 AMD

Candy collection “Sonuar” Forte 330g

3,380 AMD

Chocolate “Arcolad” dried apricots 220g

2,260 AMD

Chocolate “Arcolad” for kids 150g

1,280 AMD