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Energetic carbonated drink “Red Bull” 0,25l

700 AMD

Energetic drink “Tornado” 0,25l

230 AMD

Energy drink “Burn” 0,5l

500 AMD

Energy drink “Flash” Up 0,33l

295 AMD

Energy drink “Max Power” 330ml

240 AMD

Light alcoholic carbonated cocktail “Mojito” 0,5l

780 AMD

Low-alcohol cocktail “Shake on the Beach” 0,33l

680 AMD

Low-alcohol drink “Gin & Tonic” 0,45l, t/c

640 AMD

Low-alcohol energetic drink “Jaguar” 0,45l, c/c

750 AMD

Mojito light alcoholic carbonated cocktail 7.2% 0.45ml

780 AMD

Non-alcoholic drink “Mojito” 0,5l

540 AMD

Nonalcoholic energy drink “Pit Bull Original” 0,25l

250 AMD